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Do you have an innovative business idea related to waste, recycling and the preservation of resources? If your business qualifies, consider Green Alley to be a possible partner and investor for your business. Apply now for investment possibilities.

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Please note

  • If you already have documents you can upload them here.
  • We will handle your data and documents with strict confidentiality. If you like, we can also prepare a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in advance. Just contact us.

Green Alley is looking for business ideas that contribute to:

  • reducing waste streams by reducing and recycling product packaging, e-waste, batteries or photovoltaics
  • replacing unrenewable resources with renewable or recycled material
  • extending the lifecycle of products to create less waste
  • improving recycling or recyclability of products and materials.
  • closing the product life cycle of different materials
  • bringing sensibility to the known handlings of waste and resources
  • optimizing the responsibility of manufacturers for their waste


Additionally to an investment through Green Alley you also have the chance to participate in our start-up award, the Green Alley Award. You can find all the information about the upcoming award and application here.