Your application

Do you want to apply for an investment at Green Alley? Here is how to go about it.

1. Your idea has to be convincing

Everything depends on your idea. We are open to new ideas in every area of the circular economy, for example the collection and recycling of waste streams, product packaging and e-waste. We invest in innovations that see waste as a resource by for example cutting down on material input, improving recycling methods, preserving resources or using renewable resources. It is not enough to solely have a smart business idea; your model also has to fit to our core business of our parent company Landbell.


2. Your application has to be customized.

It´s great to have you totally stand behind your idea – now it´s time to get us excited as well! The best way to do so is to summon up the most relevant fact of your business plan and to get to the point with your idea and business model. We put a particular value on the start-up team, your USP and how you want to sell and market your product, service or technology. In addition, you should be able to explain to us the relation your idea has to waste or circular economy. Don´t forget to customize your application. Whoever shares a standardized version of his or her pitch presentation with investors reduces the chance of leaving a good impression.


3. Your idea should fit our investment focus

We primarily invest in a start-up stage of a company that can already show first results. Meaning those who can demonstrate a proof of concept (PoC) or a finished product and prototype, respectively. This application is not exclusively for German start-ups but for entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to dive into the German market.


You have an idea and plan to run start-up? This is where we come into play with our promiting via the annual Green Alley Award. Are we the right investor for you? Then don’t wait and contact us. Who knows, we might be soon sharing the future into a clean and sustainable one.

We are not only promoting start-ups but early-stage ideas as well through our annually hosted Green Alley Award.


Did you fulfill the pre-check? Green Alley is the accurate investor for you? Then show us your idea! We will be happy receive your application!