Adaptavate’s founder’s diary – part VIII


About two months ago, you had your own stand at the “Materials 2017”, a conference and exhibition focused on materials for architecture, construction, and design. Which new experiences have you made, promoting your own company at such a big event?

It is always useful for companies launching new products to interact with the users and in our case, specifiers in the industry. The construction industry can have a complicated specification chain to understand and navigate and events such as Materials 2017 enables you directly interact with the influencers and specifiers in the architecture space. It is essential to be constantly learning about your product-market fit, to help you better understand where the product best fits. We also welcomed some stakeholders from a big project we are working towards…but we can’t say too much about that at the moment!


Two years ago, you applied for the Green Alley Award – and you won. What have been the most important steps for you since then?

2 years ago… really! Wow, time moves fast! Well the milestones have been coming thick and fast. We have launched our Breathaplasta product which has enabled us to interact with the industry in the UK in a different way. It makes a massive difference transitioning your company from R+D and concept to operational! But it has been really great to start the conversations with the stakeholders in the industry with Breathaplasta, paving the path for its bigger brother: Breathaboard! Another milestone was being selected to be in the UK Green Building Council office refurbishment in Central London. This was a multi-stakeholder project run by the main contractor and really shows how Breathaboard and Breathaplasta can be part of commercially driven projects as they are designed to be specified and installed in the same way to regular materials. We get a shout out in this video here – Go to about 4 mins and Breathaboard gets a mention!


What are your upcoming plans for the following months?

We are coming up to a really crucial and exciting part of our in-line process development in relation to Breathaboard. We are making significant progress in un-locking the scalability of the continuous process and this proves the scalability of our product and the impact it can have in the building industry. Working with our partners, the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, UK has been really transformative and this is set to continue for the next 6-9 months. We are now actively looking to talk to companies that have an interest in manufacturing or partnering to realise the exciting commercial opportunity of Breathaboard in Europe – so if you know anyone that fits the bill – pass my details on!