About Green Alley

  • What is Green Alley?
  • What is Green Economy & Circular Economy?
  • When was Green Alley founded?
  • How does Green Alley differ from other business incubators?
  • What is the vision of Green Alley?

About Green Alley Award

  • What is the Green Alley Award?
  • What are we looking for?
  • When will the award be given?
  • How is it run?

What does Green Alley offer?

  • Why should you send your application to Green Alley?
  • Why work together with Green Alley?

Who is Green Alley looking for?

  • What do you expect from me as an entrepreneur?
  • What development stage do I have to be in order to apply?
  • How do I become a part of Green Alley?

Which attributes do I need to apply?

  • Does the company need to be based in Germany?
  • What legal form should my company have?

Is there anything else to know?

  • Can I entrust Green Alley with my idea?
  • How does the investment look like?