Green Alley Award finalist 2016, Design by Sol – 1 year after


Dear Solveiga, you were one of the six finalists of the Green Alley Award 2016. So far, what were your biggest milestones since the award?

So much has changed since I competed in this competition. We grew our lab team which has sped up our Research and Development. In fact the whole team has grown to 8 people! Also, we managed to secure government funding to support all of our Research and Development work for the next year. This will enable us to continue improving our bio-reactive food expiry label. Last but not least, we’re now embarking on our first equity investment round after enjoying many successes with grant funding. As you can see, there have been quite a lot of changes and the project has been developing very quickly. All these milestones amount to the previously named Bump Mark project being spun out to a company its own right called Mimica Lab.


Which next steps do you have planned, also concerning a market launch?

The whole Mimica team are working flat out to sprint to our market launch in the UK early next year and that involves a lot of detailed planning and collaboration with industry partners. So, as you can imagine, we are quite busy and excited about what’s to come. If you are also interested in our next steps and the development of our food expiry label, you can learn more on our website or follow us on Twitter @mimicalab.