Green City Solutions founder’s diary – part III


Start-ups that have shone through a well-thought out pitch deck will also have to prove themselves in a live pitch in front of an audience and a jury. What piece of advice do you have for our start-ups? How do you prepare for a live-pitch?

Regardless of how often I pitch or in front of which type of audience, I am just as excited with 30 people as I am with 500. The good thing is that the excitement can actually help me! Both the jury and the audience notice immediately when you just recite a memorized text without any enthusiasm. Sometimes it might also paralyze you but in that case, there are some little tricks. Control your breathing – quite often the reason for the excitement is traced back to an increased carbon dioxide concentration in your body. Under tension, some people tend to sometimes forget part of their text. The most important thing is the beginning of each slide.  Even if you get stuck, once you get to the next slide and find the common thread, you’re back in balance.


If you have a physical, handy product, it is always worthwhile bringing it on stage with you. This will help you illustrate in detail to both the audience and the jury what your idea is and how far you have come with the implementation. Otherwise, you will only have your power point slides to rely on.


My secret recipe is to start with a bang. Try to somehow startle your audience or make them laugh. If you have the advantage of knowing who will be listening to your pitch, try to establish a direct connection with them. A start-up that affects me and that has found a solution that convinces me, is always worthy of my support. Last but not least, don’t forget about a strong exit in order to be memorable. It is up to you how to do this.


I wish you all the best on stage and hopefully, I will see more successful start-ups this year that want to realize something earth-shattering.