The Green Alley start-up support

Green Alley considers itself a social entrepreneur and strategic investor for start-ups of the green economy. We are the only proponent in Germany specialized in circular economy. We offer support to all start-ups that reinvent the way we go about waste and resource management.


Our vision

Our resources are shrinking while the amount of waste we produce is increasing the amount of waste due to our consumer habits.  To continue the way we have done business until now is no longer an option. Not only does the consumer have to rethink its economic activity but especially those in the industry must adapt their linear approach to reach sustainable development goals. Going green is not yet, but will become economically necessary.

In order to achieve a world without waste we support business models with a future in finding new processes of recycling waste and production methods that preserve resources. We want to brainstorm new ideas about green business together with aligned young entrepreneurs. Therefore, we connect the pieces of the puzzle by using new perspectives to convert challenges into opportunities. We support green entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups professionally and financially. Our goal is to establish innovative green business models on the market.


Our offer for green start-ups:

  • The Green Alley Award: Once a year we award start-ups of the Green Economy with our European start-up award.
  • Funding: Through investments we offer green businesses long-term strategic support.
  • Networking: Start-ups all over Europe benefit from our expertise and contacts in the circular economy.


Are you interested in working with us?

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