Circular economy network for start-ups

Do you want to take Europe’s circular economy by storm? In that case you need an overview of how the market functions.

When recycling or upcycling products one is faced with countless rules and regulations that vary from country to country. It comes to great relief when you can rely on an expert in the field like Green Alley.


Market proficiency from life experience

Green Alley is the start-up hub of Landbell AG, a company for take-back systems. We are familiar with the circular economy in Europe from our daily cooperation with big and small businesses that we support with compliance for legal requirements in the different waste streams. Green Alley can therefore successfully provide backing for green start-ups by falling back on this expertise:

  • Expert knowledge in the collection and recovery of waste streams:

        – Sales packaging

        – Beverage packaging

        – Transport packaging

        – Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

        – Batteries and Photovoltaic modules

  • Established knowledge of legal regulations as well as the total supply chain of the circular economy
  • Know-how regarding the establishment of a green business in the German speaking market and the internationalization and exploitation of a new market strategy in the Green Economy
  • Market Knowledge stemming from a Europe-wide take-over of waste management and product stewardship for packaging, photovoltaics, batteries and the WEEE directive


Old meets New Economy

Subject-specific support is not the only thing we offer. We are bringing together established businesses and young start-ups under the motto “Old meets New Economy”. This generates collaborations for new progress towards economic sustainability – through cooperation, events, mentoring and our Green Alley Award.



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