The Green Alley start-up investment

As a strategic investor of the green economy, Green Alley takes an interest in sustainable investing toward young green companies that want to take over the European market.

 We invest with a clear focus:


  • Investment phase:  We already invest in the early stages of start-up companies. You should at least have a business plan and a proof of concept or a prototype.
  • Investment focus: The application for an investment is solely for start-ups in the area of circular economy. Including promising products, services, technologies or environmental awareness campaigns that deal with issues such as prevention, recovery, recycling and collection of waste streams.
  • Strategic cooperation: We offer our start-ups strategic advice. It is however important for us that start-ups put their business idea into action independently. Green Alley does not offer any operational support.
  • Long term sustainability: Once we made the decision to collaborate with you we see it as a long term commitment and a rewarding relationship for both sides. We do not follow a short term exit strategy.
  • Investment amount: The amount of your settlement is dependent on which business phase you are in and is negotiated with you individually.


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