The Green Alley Award

The Green Alley Award is Europe’s first start-up prize for green businesses in the circular economy. The first award was given in the year 2014 and has since then gained international recognition.

Once a year green start-ups take stage to pitch the most innovative and persuasive business ideas in the industry, which helps to mold Europe’s transition into a green economy. The best entries will be invited to our green event in Berlin where they will give their final live-pitch. The contestants will meet each other, innovators and experienced businessmen and women within the industry. Help us mold Europe’s transition into a green economy. Win over the jury with your idea and the Green Alley Award is yours. The only condition is that your idea must solve a problem related to waste


All recent updates regarding the Green Alley Award can be found here.

Let yourself be inspired by previous finalists and winners of 20142015 and 2016, and follow their example.