Finalists 2016

Connecting green ideas – Berlin, London & Helsinki

Germany, Finland, UK and France hit each other in the Green Alley Award 2016 finals

In 2016, the Green Alley Award called out to all the green start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs for the third time in a row. The world’s overshoot day – the day when humankind has used up all its resources for the ongoing year – takes place earlier and earlier every year, proving our desperate need for new and sustainable solutions that help to reduce waste, manage waste streams and move to the circular economy. In order to achieve these goals, new business models are called for. By providing them, start-ups are able to support and accelerate the circular transition in the economy at large.


For this reason, we have the Green Alley Award. In order to widen its international focus in 2016, the competition turned its look to the North and invited Finland, known for its environmental actions and technological innovations, to join the ranks together with Germany and UK. The international focus generated 191 applications from 52 different countries, nearly doubling the figure from the year before and proving that circular economy is indeed an upcoming trend in Europe and beyond.


Green Alley had the difficult task of choosing six most promising business models among these  start-ups. The finalists this year are:


  • Das Tiffin Projekt (Germany): sustainable take-away packaging
  • Design by Sol (UK): a label indicating when food is still edible
  • Glowee (France): lighting generated by living micro-organisms
  • Green City Solutions (Germany): an urban moss installation reducing air pollution
  • ResQ Club (Finland): an app saving food waste from restaurants
  • restado (Germany): a digital marketplace for leftover construction materials


In the exciting finals, Green City Solutions pitched its way to victory. With its global impact on air purification and combination of IoT-technology and nature, the German start-up was able to convince the audience and the jury alike and ultimately win the Green Alley Award 2016.