Finalists 2017

Green Alley Award 2017 – Connecting green ideas – Berlin, London, Helsinki & Dublin

Start-ups from Germany, France, Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands pitch their business ideas at the Green Alley Award 2017 finals in Berlin

In the fourth year of the Green Alley Award, start-ups from all over Europe followed the call to apply with business models contributing to a circular economy. This year’s focus laid on the green island Ireland along with its start-up metropolis Dublin. As the gate to the US, the UK, Europe and the Middle East, Ireland captivates with a dynamic start-up culture and is well known for tech-affine companies as well as a small but highly globalised economy – ideal requirements for promising business models.


Besides Irish start-ups, entrepreneurs from more than 40 different countries handed in applications for the business competition and delighted Green Alley and its partners Seedmatch, ERP, Bethnal Green Ventures, H2 Compliance and the Horizon 2020 project R2Pi with green ideas for more sustainability. Prominent topics among all ideas were resource preservation, environmental friendly materials and the dealing with chemicals.


All 205 applicants have one thing in common: They have realised that ‘business as usual’, that is the continuation of the linear model, is not sustainable. New soils need to be broken and rethinking in regards to scarce resources, climate change or the vast amount of non-recyclable waste needs to happen.


After an intense analysis of all applications six European start-ups were able to convince the experts of the Green Alley Award with their sustainable business models, which are:


•  Mimergy
•  Newcy
•  Solmove
•  Sulapac
•  Sulfotools
•  Sustonable