A team with strong network

Not only will start-ups be cooperating with Green Alley be supported by an engaged team but also be surrounded by an extensive network of mentors and experts.

The Green Alley team takes care of your application as well as any inquiries that you might have. When it comes to specific topics, we can always count on retrieving the know-how from our network partners. We work with businesses and organizations in the circular economy, the start-up scene and the media together to bring you optimal support.

Backing Green Alley is Landbell Group, who carries out concepts for an efficient use of the resource waste for 24.000 customers in 17 countries. With peak hole into the market and through a broad client base in the B2B market, the business group has access to extensive knowledge. Due to its expertise in the area of collection and recycling, Landbell furthermore has exceptional contacts in the disposal contractors and logistic services.

With this expansive network Green Alley can place you in contact with exciting connections in green business which can open doors to this industry.


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